Kampot, Cambodia

the church on kampot mountain

Kampot Tour Services and Transportation

Kampot is a small town on river, near the ocean.  You can walk around most of the town in one day.

However, outside of town, there're many great sights, big and small, that you need transportation to get there.

The biggest experience, is a tour up Bokor Mountain.  You can rent your own motorcycle for $4 a day and go up, or there're about 10 places giving tours where you ride in a van or the back of a pickup truck.

Also, around Kampot are waterfalls, a zoo, salt fields, pepper plantations, Wats (Buddhist Temples), caves, and beautiful mountain and countryside scenery.

The Kampot River itself is also a destination for boat tours. 

All guesthouses in Kampot can arrange tours to any of these places.  Some companies in Kampot specialize only in tour services.

You can also rent bicycles, tuk tuks (a cart pulled by a motorcycle), motorcycles and cars with a driver / tour guide.  Bicycles rent for $1 or $2 a day, and motorcycles (small ones, some automatic with no gears to switch) are $4 - $6 a day.  Big dirt bikes are $10 and up per day.

If you're heading to Vietnam, Andy at Oasis Bar in Hatien, Vietnam has some travel advice.

Tour Companies and Transportation

Bison Tours
Cheang Try Tours
Cambo EcoTours
Keyman Tours
Kampot Survival Guide History Tours
Kampot Tours & Travel
Jungle Jet Kampot

and the Crab Shuttle is a 2 hour boat ride between Kampot and Kep.

PassApp.  Our local Uber/Grab for Cambodia.

Kampot Tour Services.  Bokor Mountain Tours. Salt & Pepper field tours

Kampot Tour Services.  Bokor Mountain Tours. Salt & Pepper field tours

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