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Restaurants & Bars

Kampot's dining and drinking selection is constantly expanding.  Many of the bars and restaurants are located either on the riverfront, or going back a few streets downtown.  Also, several places up and down the riverside, outside of town.

There's a selection of Khmer (Cambodian) foods and seafood, as well as a host of restaurants owned by foreigners from Australia, France, Germany, England, America and beyond.

Nightime is when most restaurants shine, as there's not a lot of other activity around town at night.

Besides these restaurants listed below, there are probably about 900 more around town, some only open for breakfast or dinner.






Restaurants and Bars in Kampot

Auberge du Soleil

Arcadia Backpacker

Banyan Tree Guesthouse

Bokor Mountain Lodge
Bungalow Kampot River

Boutique Kampot Hotel

Bokor Night Market
The Billabong Guesthouse
Bopha Prey

Brass Monkey Bar

Captain Chim's
Chey Mean Leap Villa

Cafe Espresso Kampot

Ciao Italian

Couch Potatoes Sports Bar
Champa Lodge
Checkpoint Kampot

Cider Shack

The Dog House

Duang Te River Park

Eden Eco Village

Eco Veg
Ellie's Cafe

Ecran Pulled Noodles
Epic Arts Cafe

Ecstatic Pizza

Equinox Piano Bar

Floating Garden Restaurant
Fire BBQ and Pool
The Fish Market

Ganesa Eco Resort

Greenhouse Guesthouse

Guylas Hungarian Kitchen

Happy Special Pizza

Happy Kampot Pizza

Hunky Dory Fish & Chips

Karma Traders

Kampot Night Market

Kampot Riverside Residence
Kampot Guesthouse
Kampot Cabana

Kampot Riverside Hotel

Kampot Pie & Ice Cream Palace

Kayak Park

Les Manguiers
La Java Bleue
Les Manguiers
Le Comptior Wine Bar

L'epi D'or Bakery & Coffee

Laundry Cafe

The Loving Spoon Thai

Magic Sponge

Mittapheap Restaurant

Mad Monkey
Mea Culpa
Makk Restaurant

Monkey Republic

Nataya Resort

Natural Coffee & Thai Restaurant
Natural Resort

Om House

Ocean 11 Israeli

Pepe & the Viking
Pepper Guesthouse

Pink Sands Villa

Rusty 2
Rusty Keyhole Boat House

Sisters II

Samon's Village
Sokh San Grocery Store
Salty River Resort

Simon's Indian

Sambo PreyChark Natural Park


Taj Mahal Indian

Urban Kitchen

Villa Vedici

Wonderland Yogurt & Popsicles

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